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What are the installation services that B Cubed Shipping offers?

One of the services that we at B Cubed Shipping, LLC offer in addition to furniture shipping, delivery and storage is installation services for your small or large interior design projects. If you are an interior designer working on new projects or on remodeling projects, we are here to help.


B Cubed Shipping, LLC offers installation services for any size design project from beginning to end.  We will work with you to secure storage space in our warehouse, establish side marks to identify each of clients at the point of purchase, set up an inventory account to view the items that we have received, store your pieces until the installation day and then show up with a team ready to put all of your furniture exactly where you would like.


If you are purchasing pieces of furniture that need to be built or assembled, we can do that as well. We can even assemble the furniture ahead of the installation day to ensure a smooth, on-site experience.  Call us to arrange for delivery and installation services today.

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