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Receiving & Storage

  What Exactly is a Receiving & Storage Center?

If you are looking for a company to receive small or large pieces of furniture, art, accessories, rugs or bedding for your projects, a receiving & storage center may be something that you will need. However, while this type of facility may be perfect for you, many people have no idea what it is, and therefore, do not think to use one when it can be beneficial to them. Here is more information on what a facility that offers receiving & storage in California is and does and why it may be beneficial for you if you are purchasing materials for your upcoming project.


A facility that offers receiving & storage in California receives, inspects and stores your furniture and household or commercial accessories until they need to be shipped off to another destination and installed or placed at that location. Our team of movers will receive your items at our warehouse from any freight carrier that you might be using.  They will then inspect the furniture or accessories for damage and let you know of any issues that are noted. They will then place the items in a storage facility where they will be safe and sound until they are shipped to the new owner or until you need to move them to a new home or facility where they will be placed and used.  If something arrives damaged, we will notify you with images of the damage and can arrange for return shipping to the manufacturer or we can have our in-house furniture technician fix it on-site.


If you are looking to utilize a facility that offers receiving & storage in California, or you are just looking to learn more about how one of these receiving and storage facilities may benefit you on an upcoming move or furniture sale, then reach out to us at B Cubed Shipping, LLC. We can explain to you why you may want to use this service or help you to book this service.

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