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White Glove Furniture Delivery

  What is White Glove Furniture Delivery and Blanket Wrap?

If you need to have your high-end furniture picked up and delivered to a new location, one of the options available to you may be white glove furniture delivery and blanket wrap. While this may be a great option for you, many people are unaware of what it is and what the benefits are, and as such, do not realize when it is ideal for them. Here is more information on what these terms mean and why this type of furniture delivery service may be ideal for you.


White glove furniture delivery and blanket wrap consists of having your furniture completely wrapped to protect it from damage when it is being picked up and/or delivered. This helps to protect it against any type of damage, and ensures it stays free from dirt and dust. White glove furniture delivery means that your items are delivered to your home and business, set up exactly where you want it, and then all packaging materials are removed and disposed of. White glove furniture delivery and blanket wrap helps to ensure that your furniture is delivered and set-up in pristine condition, which is ideal if you want your home or business to look perfect upon having new furniture delivered.


If you are ready to have white glove furniture delivery or blanket wrap service booked for your upcoming furniture purchase, please reach out to us at B Cubed Shipping, LLC to arrange for your white glove furniture delivery service in the near future.

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